About me

I am an award winning digital strategist, with over 25 years experience in advising early-stage B2B startups on growth strategy, and in creating and maintaining my own digital products. I am also the author of “Up and to the Right”, the comprehensive guide to B2B SaaS growth.

I consider SaaS growth strategy to be more a science than an art or a secret formula. It is the evergreen methods of finding product market fit, correct positioning, effective distribution and consistent delivery on expectations that ensure the long-term SaaS success story. I study qualitative and quantitative data in the context of the industry and category, and I identify growth opportunities. I then suggest concrete and effective methods to exploit them. Along the way, I question “assumed best practices” and high acquisition costs.

I have deep-level knowledge on all topics concerned with growth and the digital landscape. This includes: data analysis, key metric optimisation (MRR, CRO, LTV, retention rates etc), all the acquisition and distribution channels (paid and organic), benchmarks and best practices. In addition I am familiar with hundreds of 3rd party growth SaaS tools and can help companies choose the right one for their needs. Finally, my big priority and passion is to read, research and talk to hundreds of on-the-ground teams to ensure that I am up to date with the trends, innovation and platform/algorithm changes.

I have written for industry and consumer publications, both online and in print. I have spoken at numerous conferences, including being the first South African speaker at SxSW. I mentor early-stage startups, and often work with incubators in an advisory capacity. My favourite personal side hustles include building and running the biggest healthcare comparison engine in South Africa; conceptualizing and successfully raising the first South African crowdfund, which raised R1.5 million to help fund new online ventures; and co-founding The GeekRetreat, an initiative to facilitate focussed discussions on niched and relevant topics amongst leading South African industry players. My award winning projects have been featured online, in print, radio and tv, including CNBC and BBC.

I have EU citizenship, and divide my time between South Africa and Europe. I will be located permanently in Switzerland from August 2022.

I have limited availability for contract consulting, and work on a “per-project” basis as I do not enjoy “per hour” billing. I focus mainly on early-stage B2B bootstrapped SaaS, but can also advise B2C SaaS, as well as mature, funded companies looking to scale. My fees start at $5,000 for short term projects and growth audits/strategies. Discovery calls are free, but require upfront information from you. Please contact me for more details.

I also set aside minimum 4hrs per week for one-on-one “ask me anything” sessions with early-stage, pre-revenue startups, especially those from South Africa. These sessions or consults are free. Please contact me for availability if you want advice on growth strategy but cannot afford to pay an advisor.

My book :-)

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