About me

I curate proven growth strategies and best practices from SaaS companies across the world, and share curated insights via my “No Magic Beans” newsletter.

How I can help you

– Stay up to date with SaaS growth news and developments
– Share your own growth story or growth tool

Need a growth mentor?

If you are early-stage SaaS and want to run your growth strategy past a new set of ears, or just want some quick advice or insight, please schedule a free Zoom call with me. This is 𝐧𝐨𝐭 a discovery call: I will not try to sell you anything, and I am not taking on new clients. It’s a no-strings, no-obligations one time chat that hopefully proves valuable to both of us (I always learn something new during these. It’s why I love doing them so much). I have very limited slots available , please see my website for more details. (eved.co.za)

Open to new opportunities

I will be full time in Switzerland from September 2022, and would love to explore any opportunities to work with/within the European VC ecosystem in an advisory capacity. But I am open to all/any conversations and options. One never knows what roads can open up, when and why!

What’s important to me:

-Transparency, equality, fairness, acknowledgment, humility
-Shared knowledge, win-win relationships, curiosity, teaching
-Strong opinions, open minds, heated but reasoned debates, punctuality,
-Coffee, empty(ish) notebooks, pencils, nature, rainy days, fireplaces, open roads, experiences centered around excellent food

Not my cup of tea

-Sound bites, fluff, platitudes
-Stronghanded-ness, aggressiveness, opaqueness, hard-selling, arrogance
-Obfuscation, exploitation
-Stubbornness, tunnel vision, lack of reason or logic
-Traffic, unscheduled phone calls, pineapple (on pizza, or anywhere), tardiness, in person shopping, bats

More about me

I am an award winning digital strategist, with over 25 years experience in advising early-stage B2B startups on growth strategy, and in creating and maintaining my own digital products and side hustles, including rehealth.co.za. I am also the author of “Up and to the Right”, the comprehensive guide to B2B SaaS growth. I have written for industry and consumer publications, have spoken at numerous conferences, including being the first SAfrican speaker at SxSW and been recognized as a leading early-stage contributor on the South African tech scene. I will be operating in Switzerland from September 2022.



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