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My #100day #BuildInPublic Project

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I’m fascinated by this whole #BuildInPublic trend that is all over my Twitter profile. If you’re not familiar, it’s a process by which founders of startups build or flesh out a project in public, and provide a lot of transparency for their audience. The idea is that you’re supposed to report on the ups and downs of the process, and that, in turn helps fellow funders understand and accept that their own difficult journey (yes, it’s never easy) is just par for the course.

Obviously everyone will have their own reasons for participating, but the most common ones seem to be:

  • accountability
  • feedback and advice
  • audience/client building
  • camaraderie
  • isolation-buster

Anyway, to shake things up I am going to do this too. I’m going to focus on a new feature that we’re adding to rehealth, and to make it more accountable and finite I am giving it a 100 day timeline, starting from June 17. That takes us through to Friday September 24, which is a public holiday in SAfrica, so that’s excellent timing. WI shall celebrate with a braai! (Weather and location permitting, but more on that later).

So, what am I doing?

I am launching a directory of South African doctors, healthcare providers and facilities. This is on the backend of the medical aid information that the site already carries.

I will explain the intricacies of the new product(s) in later posts. Just follow the #100day tag to see all the posts in the series.

What are my goals?

As far as the project goes, my main #100day goal is to have 1,000 paying clients. I understand that is very ambitious, and works out to 10 clients per day, off a base of zero. Obviously I have the rehealth platform, which I expect will help, and I am definitely expecting an exponential curve of growth (we now all know about those exponential curves, don’t we!).

As far as the #BuildInPublic process, my main goal really is to use it to stay focussed and motivated. I am very impatient when it comes to traction and sales, and can become very despondent very quickly. Hopefully, if I connect with the right folks over at Twitter, they will keep me grounded in the reality of a launch timeline, and I will be inspired to persevere with gutso! My other goal is to “put myself out there”, once again. I used to be very present and vocal on SM and enjoyed interacting with my network, and now I want to expand it. Let’s say….get to 4,000 Twitter followers? Have regular online interactions that are helpful and fun? yep, let’s do that.

How will this work?

Ummm…no clue, really. I do know that I need to get this website finished because I am going to be writing a lot on the process here, and then linking to it via Twitter. But it takes a long time to set up the website that I want this to be, so I think I will just push it under the #BuildInPublic umbrella, put disclaimers everywhere, and build it out slowly.

I don’t think I will be able to write daily here, nor am I entirely sure it would be useful, but I AM going to have a check-in and check-out on Twitter daily, where I will lay out the goals for the day, and sum up the day at the end.

I think I will be quite transparent, but obviously not to a point where it would be detrimental to strategy etc. I’d love to be transparent about the money side of things, since this is self-funded, and literally needs to fund itself. That probably makes no sense, but I’ll explain in a later post.

That’s it for today. This is just a brief intro to the #100day thing. If you want to follow along, then the best place to do that is on Twitter, where I will link back to this site whenever I add something new. There is also a the #100day tag that will take you to all the posts on this topic, the #BuildInublic category, and the sidebar banner that links to the same place.

Don’t be a stranger!

The whole point of this is to meet and connect with people, get feedback and pay things forward. So if you ever feel so inspired, please drop me a line. Twitter, email (eved@rehealth.co.za), LinkedIn, WhatsApp (062 007 1234), comment here…anything works.

Thanks for reading!

Eve Dmochowska

Eve Dmochowska

Thanks for reading! I am a web strategist, working on making healthcare information easily accessible to the South African patient. See synergies? Get in touch - eved@rehealth.co.za - or follow me on Twittter! @eved


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My #100day #BuildInPublic Project

I’m fascinated by this whole #BuildInPublic trend that is all over my Twitter profile. If you’re not familiar, it’s a process by which founders of

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