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It’s been said that people don’t quit jobs; they quit managers. Often the problem stems from a leader’s poor people skills. While many companies today are recruiting for strong soft skills, that doesn’t solve the problem of managers already in the workplace who lack these attributes.

Part of the challenge was the recent talent shortage, says Tony Lee, vice president of editorial for the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). “Companies were promoting at a faster pace because they needed to fill positions and many of these people were first-time managers,” he says. “Just because someone was good in their role doesn’t mean they’d be good managing people. It requires different skills, and few were given training and guidance on how to manage others.”

Unfortunately, employees pay the price. A recent survey by SHRM found that 84% of workers blame a bad manager for creating unnecessary stress. The survey also collected feedback about a supervisor’s ability to manage people, and these are the top five skills employees wish their managers would improve:


The most requested skill on the survey is the ability to communicate effectively, with 41% of employees saying their manager could improve in this area.

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