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Prior to 2020, I was often asking the world to stop turning so I could catch up. But when it did stop turning, when the whole world ground to a standstill, when no client or boss could rationally demand anything from anyone other than just continued survival, my cracks began to shine bright.

It turns out that my “business” and my “behind-ness” wasn’t fixed by peace and quiet. It wasn’t the ever-turning world that was causing the problem of my constant feeling of helplessness. It was my systems, or lack thereof. 

Now that the world, or at least South Africa, is beginning to return to a feeling of “as things were”, I am determined to learn from my mistake. I am still at the phase of renewal, where I am (still) enjoying the opportunities presented by the lockdown to redefine my life and my business. And one of the themes that is coming through loud and clear, the apparent core of all my work-related problems is a lack of efficiency.

And so that is the theme for 2021. Efficiency. Achieving the maximum output with the minimum of input. Which is not to say that I am in the pursuit of the 4-hour week. I am not looking to cut down on my work hours, I am just looking to achieve more in them.

I don’t expect to see big improvements quickly. I am ok with that. My frustration isn’t new, and I have used band-aids before to try and fix the issues, but that was not effective at all. So I am willing to put in the time in the research and the trial-and-error process. I will document as much as makes sense, even though I already know that no two people share the same requirements from their workday, and thus each system needs to be adapted to individual needs. But inspiration can strike anywhere and anytime, and maybe you will find some benefit from my research and my experience. 

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Eve Dmochowska

Eve Dmochowska

Thanks for reading! I am a web strategist, working on making healthcare information easily accessible to the South African patient. See synergies? Get in touch - eved@rehealth.co.za - or follow me on Twittter! @eved


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