Day 48 (2021) in bookmarks

Either I spent all my time on Twitter today, or I spent all my time working and Twitter was the only brief distraction. Either way, all three links today are from tweets that dropped in my timeline.

1. Thinking about work balance

Tiago Forte asked an interesting question:

I don’t know how to answer that question (also not sure I entirely even understand it), but i do know that my balance is off. I’m definitely lacking “non-work meaning”. I’m going to have think more about it, and if it requires fixing. And if so, how. @MoneyMonetisms suggested a good starting point:

As an aside, I like the specificity of 57 minutes rather than “an hour”. It requires more deliberate consideration. What would I do for 57 minutes? I would read, or write, or bead, or plan my next venture witch is itching in my brain. I guess that answer does give a lot of clues about how the balance should be distributed.

2. More accurate maps

It’s a pretty well known fact that depicting the curved surface of the Earth on a flat map is problematic, and that the sizes of countries is distorted. In the image below, Greenland looks about as big as South America, but in reality it’s about 8 times smaller. Brazil might look big, but not big enough: it’s actually about the size of Canada.

Flat maps are about as accurate today as they are ever going to get in their current format. (There is an actual mathematical formula to measure the errors of a map. The globe has an error count of 0, the best flat map has a count of 4.563. The map Google uses has an error count of over 8.)

But now, a cosmologist and his colleagues have developed an entirely unique flat map: it’s two sided, and has an error score of 0.8. You need to flip it to see the “other side” of the world, much like you have to turn the globe to do the same.

I think it’s pretty cool out-of-the-box thinking. You can read more here.

3. All about hedges

Probably the most random thing you’ll see all week here. This is a Twitter thread about…hedges. No, not hedge funds. Hedges. I’m not going to try and sell you on it. Just go read it. You’ll never look at a hedge the same way again. (With thanks to @geniusboywonder who brought it to my attention).

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I’m building the site live, because I don’t expect an audience until I actively send people here, and it’s easier to send links for feedback that way anyway. 

So if you made it here on you own, somehow…maybe come back later? :=)