My goals:

Help 10,000 people achieve their goal in 2022, by working together with accountability partners around the globe.

Write books.

Enjoy the journey

About me

My name is Eve Dmochowska. I am the founder of TickThatBox.co. > > we hook you up with 6 accountability partners for a 7 week virtual meet-ups, so you achieve your goal and tick that box.

You can find me on @eved or on email at evedmochowska@gmail.com

Eve Dmochowska
Thanks for reading! I'm Eve Dmochowska, a digital strategist who's been in the game for 25yrs+. I learn new things everyday, I think about them, and sometimes I write about them. On a mission to help 10,000 achieve their goal in 2022, at TickThatBox.co Come join us. Follow me on @eved

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Tick That Box
Hooks you up with 6 Accountability Partners so you can tick that box and achieve your goal!

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