Hi, and welcome

If this blog seems a bit sparse, it is because I relaunched it in September 2018, and it is still trying to find its feet. It will take a while. The idea is to curate/link-to the interesting stuff I find on the Internet, and add my own thoughts as time allows.

As such, this is my “serious” corner of the Internet, so expect to find stuff focussed on tech and disruption, although who knows where it will all end up. I’m going to try and stay away from politics.

I also have a light-hearted blog for everyday nonsense elsewhere. If you are into this blog, that one is probably not for you 🙂 I write about healthcare on rehealth.co.za (which I run).

I’m interested in pursuing:

To get in touch with me, email evedmochowska@gmail.com or follow me on Twitter at @eved. You can also look me up on LinkedIn, if you use the platform (www.linkedin.com/in/evedmochowska).

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