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The nocode chef: why the announcement of my new book had no engagement

Yesterday, I pre-launched my book, “The #nocode chef” on Twitter. As expected, my pre-launch did not make headline news. I knew it wouldn’t, and I debated with myself as to the best way to fix this. I thought I’d share my thought process here, since it goes very much against the “best practices” of product launches. Am I writing a book for which there is no audience? Good heavens, no! There is an audience. A massive audience, in fact. In fact, the #nocode ecosystem is growing fast, and in its fast growth it is creating a lot of chaos and

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The liberating power of the exponential curve

If there is one thing we learnt during the pandemic, it is the power of the exponential curve. We watched, in horror, as a single Covid infection in our country or in our community spread like a wildfire, and caused unstoppable havoc and despair. But the power of an exponential curve can be beautiful. Compound interest, anyone? And if you continuously improve an area of your life by small increments, say 1% a day, it could be 38 times as good in just a year. Personally, I have fallen in love with what an exponential curve offers me: the grace

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The Vampire Test

Sometimes you come across an analogy or a concept in a book that speaks exactly to your own experience, and you want to jump up off the couch and shout “Yes!!!” That’s pretty much how I felt when I read about the Vampire Test in “Show your Work”. I’m just going to quote it directly from my Roam notes on the book: The Vampire Test. It’s a simple way to know who you should let in and out of your life. If, after hanging out with someone you feel worn out and depleted, that person is a vampire. If, after

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Show your work

Title: Show your Work Author: Austin Kleon Kindle Price: $9 Status: I’ve read it! Buy from Amazon Anything or anywhere I have written about it? Vampire Test

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