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About Eve:

I run rehealth.co.za, while aiming to live a balanced life as a self-funded start-up entrepreneur, raising two kids and getting lost in creative side pursuits regularly!

What is rehealth.co.za?

A mostly online resource targeting South Africans who need access to reliable healthcare information, including information about medical aid, medical insurance, gap cover, and treatment options.

Our focus is on providing reliable, relevant and contextual information in clear language, on all things healthcare. We want to be the first point of research when a patient is exploring health cover and treatment options.

For example, we aim to answer questions like:
  • Will I always pay a late joiner penalty on my medical aid?
  • How will my cancer treatment be covered if I am on a hospital medical aid?
  • What are the differences between Bonitas Comprehensive and Discovery comprehensive plans?
  • How much is a hearing aid in South Africa, and how will my medical aid pay for it?
  • Should I use a Day Hospital if I can use an overnight hospital?
Our latest features include a comprehensive doctor/facility directory, regional downloadable directories of healthcare providers (launching with Pretoria in July 2021), and a printed, annual, hard-cover, 350page+ resource, Boost!, that will be available for purchase in late October and will have information about all medical aid plans for 2022.

How can we work together? If you are in healthcare in South Africa, and you have a message (yes, even a marketing message) that you want to share with people looking for healthcare information, then we can work together, somehow. There are many ways for us to collaborate, so let’s chat.

If you represent a South African healthcare non-profit, rehealth is very eager to work with you on a pro-bono basis to further your message.

Let’s chat!

I am as eager and excited to talk to Top100 CEOs as I am to new founders who are toying with an idea for a startup and want to bounce off some ideas or concerns. I’ve been there (am probably STILL there!) and I am always available for a chat.

I have been active in the online industry since 1996, have won various accolades for my work and am a keen writer and speaker. I was educated at Boston University and Harvard University, and expand my education through various channels.

Side Projects

  • The Crowdfund, which pooled small investments from South Africans, to create a R1.5 million startup fund to help new online ventures create prototypes and sound business models
  • Won second prize in the MIT Global Entrepreneur pitching contest for start up ventures
  • The Geekretreat (co-founder), an initiative to make the South African Internet better by facilitating focussed discussions on niched and relevant topics amongst 50 S Africans, and guiding action to achieve results
  • Organised a SAfrican delegation of 25+ participants to the leading interactive conference in the US, SxSW. Also led a panel there on the concept of Crowdfunding, which was featured on CNBC, BBC etc