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On Twitter

I spent December in a familiar mental space. With a bit of unencumbered time on my hands, I dared to (once again) ask myself what type of online presence I want in 2023. It’s a well known dance for me, which I alluded to in my previous post. In trying to figure these things out, I dabbled a bit on Twitter and LinkedIn. Could I re-build a professional presence there after being quiet for so long? My conclusions weren’t encouraging. Indulge me while I think this through out loud. First, Twitter. I used to live on Twitter. I’d post there, and dozens of people would respond. We’d have engaged conversations, and lots of LOLs. If you are puzzled by why I would revel in a

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Another dawn…

I’ve been active online since 1996, and have had a tangible stand online presence for about 20 of those 27 years. By tangible I mean “dedicated to me”, whether via a website, a Twitter handle or a Facebook account. The goal with that type of presence – I think – was to give myself some sort of permanent voice, and possibly access to a close online community. Aside from brief glimpses of that ideal over the years (mostly via Twitter, about 13 years ago), I have largely failed thus far to find what I am looking for here. As immediate evidence of this, I don’t have a 20-yr old blog filled with naive posting of misspent youth. Instead, I have a history of building a

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